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Total Visibilityâ„¢ Tape from Cyalume

Total Visibilityâ„¢ Tape from Cyalume

We recently ran across a little known product from Cyalume, makers of chem-lights called Total Visibility Tapeâ„¢. It is both reflective as well as glow in the dark. Naturally, you must charge it with white light before use. The tape is also self adhesive and can be used to mark pretty much anything.

Total Visibilityâ„¢ Tape Glow in the Dark

The part number for 1″ Total Visibilityâ„¢ tape is 9-30048 and for 2″ tape is 9-30075.

You can contact Cyalume for product and sales information, [email protected] or call us toll-free at 888-858-7881.


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