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ITW Ghillie Tex TAC Link

ITW TAC Link Supports 200 lbs

ITW Military Products has just released the TAC Link. Designed as a low cost alternative to snap links that see duty for such administrative tasks as attaching slings and gloves as well as other non-life support functions, the Ghillie Tex Tactical Link is non-infrared reflective and like all ITW products, color matched to your equipment.

ITW TAC Link Gate Detail

The spring-loaded gate closes with a solid tongue and groove joint. This helps to ensure that the gate doesn’t break under constant use. The TAC Link supports up to 200 lbs but is NOT intended as a life support item and should never be used for climbing.

ITW TAC Link Color Assortment

Available in Coyote, Foliage Green, Black, and Orange, they are currently in-stock at Supply Captain. Our only advice is that you need to buy a handful. We brought samples home from SOFIC and they immediately disappeared and began to show up on packs and as key rings. They are like Grimlocs, once you start using them, you come up with more and more uses and you can never have enough of them around.

UPDATE: The TAC Link will also be available as a commercial product as the Polymer Attachment Link or PAL. Additionally, another color was approved today; Red.

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