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The Rattler EZ Lock


We ran into this item at the recent Multi Agency Craft Conference at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base. The EZ Loop Lock from utilizes two steel cables connected by a series of steel lugs. Each locking lug is made of forged steel that is press on to the steel cable and coated in plastic to prevent scratching. The unique design allows the user to make up to 4 locking loops. This means you can lock up four individual items with one locking cable. Additionally, the 54″ cables can be connected using the loops on the end as girth hitches to extend their length as long as is required.

I Love This Picture

Current production features a different key set for each rattler but teh next wave of rattlers will allow users to purchase as many as they need with a common key. The Rattler is available in Black, Green, and Military Green. Order from They are also looking for retailers.


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