Darn Tough Vermont

A Low Cost UAS?

Strike Hold! caught wind of a $15k vertical lift Unmanned Aerial System manufactured in China. Amazingly, this product was designed for airsoft. It is controlled by GPS, and features electric motors for quiet flight and delivers streaming video back to the hand-held remote unit.

This is the same kind of stuff we were alluding to in our recent article on Disruptive Technologies. However, since both good and bad guys have been modifying what are essentially remote control toys for some time to conduct reconnaissance then this new product doesn’t really fit the definition of a true disruptive capability. What it does mean, is that a lot more folks will have access to low-cost, purpose built unmanned aerial systems. Aside from the obvious issue of having an enemy with similar reconnaissance capabilities as us, there are also airspace issues to consider. And as these commercial systems become more pervasive, the issue will be more prevalent. Think about being on a patrol and trying to figure out if it is one of ours. Think about safety of flight issues.


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