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Coalition Rations

The New York Times posting a fantastic article on the field rations of Coalition forces in Afghanistan. The article is all over the internet. It seems like everyone is posting this but we have an interesting take. We have actually eaten several of the examples in the article over the years. Some are very basic and spartan while others are quite palatable. However, one of the examples in the article takes us back. Apparently, the Australians are still including musk lollies in their rat packs. We would have figured that they had stopped issuing them due to possible Geneva Convention violations. You see, musk lollies are musk flavored candies. Yes, they taste as foul as they sound, at least to the American palette (and Australian as well according to what we have heard) and have been the perfect gag for practical jokes. Be sure to get some if you have a pogey bait thief. They are the little pink pill looking things on the Australian ration photo. It’s like spraying perfume in your mouth.

In an SSD first, we are going to open up the comments section to hear our readers’ experiences with these and other rations. If you have photos of rations, please send them to us and we will post them this weekend. Let’s hear it.

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