Get Medieval On Their Asses With Nerf N-Force Weapons!

Besides their fine selection of dart-based projectile guns, Nerf also has a variety of hard foam melee weapons with which to pummel the various whiners and non-believers. Although there is a variety of wimpy swords available, the really cool implements of destruction are as follows:

The Stonewall Shield and Dagger, which lets you hide behind its bulk, defending yourself from any number of attacks, while swiftly stabbing away with your free hand.

The Warlock Axe. I’m not sure what qualifies it for the Warlock title, because I’m pretty sure it’s not magical, but it sure is fun to swing around.

And my personal favorite, the Battlemaster Mace Axe, which is a mace… with blades. ‘Nuff said.

It’s also worth mentioning one ‘Klaw Hatchet’, which seems to be spoken of in rumors. Despite its apparent rarity, I am in possession of one, and although its pretty small compared to the rest of the N-Force series, it can still cause quite a bit of damage.

As great as these weapons are, however, it would really turn the cool factor up to 11 if they made Nerf Lirpa, so it would be possible to reenact this classic scene:

That’s right. Every good article should end with a little Trek, and I aim to please.

– Tactical FanBoy

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