Velocity Systems

Bit Kit

Originally designed by Zero Point USA to allow EOD Operators to access explosive devices, the Bit Kit comes with 56 tool bits. They have thought of everything. The kit includes hex, star, common SAE and metric, drill bits, standard and phillips heads as well as a taper reamer. The Bit Kit also includes the ability to tap and remove stripped fasteners.

Featuring a compact, lightweight, hand held offset ratchet driver from Engineer, the kit also includes an extension to help get at those hard to reach places.

The pouch’s leaf-style construction also has ample room to add additional bits or further customize the kit as well as a mesh pocket for odd-sized items or fasteners.

Even though it was originally intended for EOD, it is perfect for operator level maintenance tasks. Its light weight and compact package means it can easily be included in a deployment kit, in a vehicle’s BII, or even on a Soldier’s load for those that need ready access to hand tools.

The pouch is Berry Compliant and available in a variety of color schemes.

This product is available for retail purchase through Tactical Distributors, (866) 916- 6905, Point of contact Robbie Carpenter. Government contracts and credit card purchases can be made directly from Zero Point Inc. Point of contact Jeff Madrigal.


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