Gear Design Contest Winner Announced

There were 29 entries for the Gear Design contest. Thank you to all who entered. Truthfully it was a tough decision but in the end, only one entry could be chosen as the winner. Based upon true requirement, ability of the design team to develop an innovative solution and then transition the design to a product that will impact the warfighter, Kristopher Walter’s concept of a carrying solution for the AT-4 and M72 LAW was selected. The design team feels they can work with develop a solution that will be adaptable to numerous munitions and one of the big draws to this design was that it will affect a large audience since everyone is using rockets.

Anyone who has ever been stuck humping a rocket can tell you that they are a true PITA and based on the awkwardness of the load, there is a certain degree of design challenge involved. Congratulations Kris! Also, thank you to Bearse USA who will produce 50 samples for Kris and Juggernaut Defense who will work on the design. Look for articles on the process so you can get a behind the scenes look at the process of turning an idea into reality.

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