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Kidnap & Rescue

For some K&R (Kidnap and Ransom) is just another insurance you purchase before you head overseas. For others, the K&R business is their way of life, working for companies that negotiate for, and secure the release of the those unfortunate enough to become victims.

Discovery Channel is launching a new 10 episode series on 29 January entitled, “Kidnap & Rescue” that serves as case studies of several incidents and their aftermath. They have enlisted the technical advice of Dan O’Shea. His credentials are impressive; CDR US Navy, former Team Three SEAL, and service as Coordinator, Hostage Working Group – US Embassy, Iraq). Due to his extensive experience in this world, the shows should be very good. The first episode of Kidnap & Rescue features HALO Corporation, a San Diego-based security firm founded by Brad Barker and his team of former SOF and Intelligence personnel. Together they work to provide security and humanitarian aid along the U.S./Mexico border. This episode tells the story of two kidnappings to which HALO responds.

Thanks to our industry friend who sent us the heads up. We’ll be watching.

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