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WPRC Applauds Senate Commitment to Innovative Contracting and Warfighter Equipment

Last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee published its version of the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. In the Report accompanying that legislation, Members of the Committee included language advocated for by the Warrior Protection & Readiness Coalition, that calls for a long-term DOD commitment to the successes of the Rapid Fielding Initiative and the Rapid Equipping Force. The language also calls on DOD to support unit-level commanders by providing them with budget discretion to purchase the clothing and equipment they feel is necessary to maintain a ready force.

“The WPRC is extremely pleased that the Committee included this language in the report” said WPRC Policy Director Matt Sparkes. “It acknowledges the success of these critical programs, and makes a strong statement about the importance of unit-level flexibility in the procurement of key items of clothing and equipment.”

The Senate is expected to consider its version of the National Defense Authorization Act in the coming weeks. The House and Senate will then begin the conference process to reconcile differences and create a final product for the President’s signature.

This is the Congressional language.

Rapid equipping and fielding initiatives

The committee recognizes that combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in substantial improvements and compression in the processes used to develop and field urgent needs for combatant commanders, including organizational clothing and individual equipment. Following the drawdown of Afghanistan, then committee encourages the Department of Defense to consider maintaining key elements of the Army Rapid Fielding Initiative, the Rapid Equipping Force, and combatant commander level purchasing authority to enable agile responses to future threats.

For additional information please contact Liesl Grebenstein, WPRC Communications and External Affairs Director via email or by phone at 617.236.5830


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