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RCS VG2 Pre-Order is Live

The VanGuard 2 complete system costs $34.99.
The pre-sale promotion begins at 12:01AM EDT on 4 July and runs through 11:59PM EDT on 27 July.
All orders placed during the pre-sale promotion will receive FREE SHIPPING, and will begin shipping on Monday, 30 July 2012.
There is no limit to how many VanGuard 2’s each customer may order.
The pre-sale promotion is only for the VG2. No other products are eligible for this offer.

Go to
Select the “VanGuard 2” (it will not be visible until the promotion begins)
Enter the quantity of VG2’s you wish to order
At checkout, enter the coupon code (case sensitive): VG2LAUNCH
Enjoy the rest of your holiday, glowing in the knowledge that you will soon possess your very own RCS VanGuard 2

You MUST follow the instructions exactly to participate in this promotion. Failure to follow the instructions will result in your order being cancelled (and then you’ll have to start all over…and really, who wants that??)

Once again, please DO NOT place any product in your shopping cart other than the VG2, or your order will be cancelled.

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