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“Navy SEAL Tips: Fundamentals of Marksmanship” by Brandon Webb

Navy SEAL Brandon Webb has just released a new ebook (kindle) entitled “Navy SEAL Tips: Fundamentals of Marksmanship.” It is one of three titles in his new “Navy SEAL Tips” series. As many of you know, Brandon is the Editor of SOFREP.com and the author of the bestselling autobiography, “The Red Circle.” The information was inspired by the recent, tragic events in Aurora, CO and are an expansion of the article Brandon published on SOFREP on the issue. It’s important to note that these aren’t full length books but rather short guides, laden with tips. From what I understand, Brandon plans a full library of these handbooks covering a wide range of topics.

The full line of handbooks includes –

Navy SEAL Tips:

How To Survive an Active Shooter

Marksmanship Fundamentals

Becoming A SEAL Sniper

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