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New Facebook App Lets Veterans Share Their “Story”

USAMM recently launched a new Facebook application via its ecommerce stores called “Rack Stamp,” allowing military personnel and veterans to share their military awards online.

The Rack Stamp app utilizes USAMM’s popular EzRackBuilder – an online software program allowing users to build and purchase their military ribbon and medal award racks for wear on their dress uniforms.

The new patent-pending Rack Stamp app, now featured in the EzRackBuilder program on and, gives those current military and veteran users an additional medium for showing off their awards. Veterans and military personnel using the program can now simply push a button and “stamp” a perfect graphical image of their rack to their Facebook page. It’s an effort to let military veterans share their history.

“Our concept was embracing the idea that veterans are special, and, for most veterans, their ribbon or medal rack is a highly personal and concise record of their service,” said Jared Zabaldo, USAMM LLC, President of Business Operations. USAMM owns and operates and

“That idea and the fact that in this mobile world, there should be a fast, efficient method of conveying that story to the people that care about that veteran – but who may not fully understand what they’ve been involved with as a member of the military – was the inspiration,” said Zabaldo.

In addition to the graphic image stamped to the Facebook page, by simply clicking on links provided by the application’s posting, “friends” can instantly glean detailed information about a service-member’s individual awards.

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