Tactical Tailor

US Elite ’12 Days of Christmas’ – Day 5

The US Elite 12 Days of BAMF has been a lot of fun. In addition to being introduced to a lighthearted ‘tactical persona’ you get a sale. Today, US Elite features, CrossFit Firebreather GI Janie.

Living ‘La Vida Loca’, Janie rocks a Hero WOD – then rows 6000 meters for fun! Janie is the consummate CrossFitter – works hard and plays hard. She will never turn away from a throw-down – whether it’s max rope jumping in 3 minutes, or finishing a crushing chipper WOD amongst all the trainers, Janie will never be caught as the ‘last man standing’. Always ahead of the curve, she uses the latest gear and nutritional supplements to bring her to a higher level of excellence.

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