Task Force Dagger Foundation – Dagger Dive 2015

MATBOCK has produced a ‘Whiskey 5’ to explain an upcoming Recreational Therapy Event being held by Task Force Dagger:

1. WHO: Task Force Dagger Foundation

2. WHAT/WHERE/WHEN: Conducts a Recreational Therapy Event in Key West, FL from 16-24 June


3. WHY: TF Dagger sponsors activities that foster a sense of well-being, offer encouragement, and assist the service member’s rehabilitation and recovery from wounds/injuries sustained while serving our country. One of our core beliefs is that if the soldier is injured, the whole family is injured and must heal together. Teamwork is more than being on a Special Forces Team, it is being part of a family that is stronger together. As such, when we conduct an RTE, we bring the whole family and include the whole family in the activities. Our activities include Scuba, 3 Gun shooting events, Outdoor activities such as white water rafting, fishing, sailing, horseback riding, skiing, and snowmobiling.

The hard cost for the event is $115k and they need to secure the money by 8 May for the mission to be a success. Each donor will still get a storyboard for their donation. MATBOCK is asking for everyone to join together and help us make this event a success and give back to these awesome families.


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