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Prodigy Micro Pulley Size Comparison

We first told you about the Prodigy Pulley at last year’s SOMA Conference. Back then CTOMS only had prototypes and called it by its development name, the Piccolo. The name was changed to reflect its impressive capabilities for such an unassuming, tiny device. Note the size comparison to a quarter in the picture, then consider the robust performance in the specs. This little guy is a game changer for micro-hauling systems, and while it is the standard pulley in CTOMS TRACE Systems kits, it will work with any rope up to 9mm. Ideal for crevasse rescue systems and ski guides.

The Prodigy was designed to accommodate three DMM Phantom Screw Gate carabiners in the eye, thus allowing it to be used as a carriage on a guiding line or high line using TRACE Systems. It uses a sealed bearing as opposed to a bushing that is typical in pulleys of similar size. What that does is create an efficiency of about 95% compared to about 75% in similar sized pulleys. Weighing in at only 1.5 oz. (43g) it has a strength rating of 24kN, or 5395 lbs of Force.

Prodigy Micro Pulley Alternate Views

During the pull testing to determine its strength rating, the failure points were the small ball bearings pushing through the sheave and cutting the rope at high forces (all above 27kN or 6070 lbs. or Force – the 24kN is a 3 Sigma rating). It was theorized that with lighter loads, it may decrease the pulley’s efficiency due to the small bearings indenting the inside of the sheave. So it was tested to determine strength deterioration after loads were applied. A peak load of 8.7kN was applied to the pulley and efficiency tested without any efficiency loss at all.

Detailed performance specs include:

  • Strength: 24 kN Rating, 18 kN Tangential Rating (side pull on the eye);
  • 95% Efficiency: (tested with 6 mm TRACE Systems rope and a 100 kg load);
  • No efficiency reduction after loading of 8.7 kN;
  • ~9 mm rope (If you’re using it with other than TRACE Systems);
  • Triple carabiner eye accepts up to 3 carabiners (DMM Phantom Screw Gate) for use on a high-line, etc;
  • Lightweight: 43 grams.
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