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Nightstrike Tactical Angled Foregrip Christmas Blowout

Designed and Manufactured in the greatest country in the world; the United States of America, our tactical angled foregrips are the baddest in the world. Bar none!

Built tough and backed with a lifetime guarantee, this grip is ready to serve through any and every mission and come out on top.

With three incredible models to choose from, five colors to match perfectly with your firearms, and futuristic ergonomics, Nightstrike grips will become your new favorite.

Our three grips:
The Diamondback Grip (Best Seller)
The Viper Grip
The Sidewinder Grip

Dark Earth
OD Green
Foliage Green
Wolf Gray

DIAMONDBACK: The Diamondback grip is our version of an angled/vertical grip. It can be used in the front, mid-length, and rear positions of the hand-guard. It is ideal for pistol AR15’€s, short hand rails, and bull-pup rifles. It also has an isolated finger groove and provides a firm grip. It is an excellent choice for close-quarter combat, raids, and clear-outs.

Material: 80% Polypropylene 20% Nylon Glass for weight reduction
Length: 4.01″
Width: 1.50″
Height: 2.74″
Weight: 1.5 oz
100% Quality built in the USA!

Lifetime Warranty: We guarantee that our 100% Made in America, Nightstrike grips will outlast even the harshest of climates.

Watch our easy installation video!

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