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US Elite Offering Discontinued Arc’teryx LEAF Models

U.S. Elite has a warehouse full of Arc’teryx LEAF discontinued models. We have awesome gear from last year from 25% to 80% off. Seriously!

Here’s the deal with Discontinued Models (DM). Twice a year, Arc’teryx launches a new collection of gear. Some of the new products offer improvements, enhancements or updates to previous models or styles. The older models are retired and transformed into rare, endangered pieces that are sold at a fraction of the original price.

This season, we are offering some of Arc’teryx LEAF’s best gear as part of our DM collection. Classics like the Khard 30 and Khard 45, the Rho LTW base layers and the Alpha line are just a few of the products in the DM lineup. Snag them before they’re gone for good!


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