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Raven Concealment Systems – Phantom and Phantom LC Blow-Out

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Raven Concealment Systems has announced today the discontinuation and clearance of most models of their Phantom and Phantom LC holster line.

First brought to market 11 years ago, the Phantom and Phantom LC completely changed the paradigm of Kydex holsters. The line was the first modular Kydex pancake concealment holster, and its rise to popularity was due largely to its ability to be used as both and inside- and outside-the-waistband holster. The Phantom LC was especially popular because it was, at the time, the only viable method for concealing a pistol with a weapon-mounted light.

After more than a decade of service with numerous federal agencies and every branch of the military, as well as immense popularity within the civilian concealed-carry market, it is no surprise that the design of the Phantom has become the standard template for the entire holster industry.

While RCS will continue production on a handful of its most popular models of the Phantom and Phantom LC, the vast majority of the line is being discontinued and sold at the clearance price of $49.99. These holsters are being cleared out to make room for new product lines that will be introduced this fall.

“It makes me proud to look back and see just how much impact the Phantom and Phantom LC made on the industry. The Phantom has pretty much become ‘what a Kydex holster looks like’ in most consumers’ minds, and not many products reach that level of ubiquity,” said Michael Goerlich, owner of Raven Concealment. “But now we are making room in anticipation of new products we’re moving toward in the fall and winter, and this clearance will give people one last shot to buy a Phantom – and get it at a killer price.”

This clearance sale will run until supplies are exhausted. All sales are final.

Due to exceptionally high order-volume, orders on clearance items may take as long as two weeks to ship.

To see which models and colors are available, and to place your order, click here.


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