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High Angle Solutions – Helix Revolver Rig

The Revolver Rig is an evolution of our innovative Revolver carabiner and adds industrial strength and performance to give an incredibly versatile connector that can be used in any running rope system to increase efficiency.


The Revolver Rig comes into its own when flexibility and efficiency are paramount, and will excel in improvised rescues, compact mechanical advantage systems and reducing friction in rigging featuring running ropes.  The system is both lightweight and compact.

The system is perfect for lowering and raising scenarios.  Moving equipment such as weapon systems and ammunition in mountainous or urban environments becomes far easier with our system.

It is available with both single and double sheaves that run on high efficiency bearings; this allows Revolver Rigs to be joined together to create simple, light and efficient pulley hauling systems with a 4 or 5:1 ratio.

The back uses our horned design to stop connected items rotating around the carabiner to create dangerous cross loads.

• Available in Screwgate, Kwiklock and Locksafe variants.

• Single body design with integrated pulley and attachment becket

• Full cross-section top bar for excellent wear resistance

• Spine design minimises the chances of connected devices moving into cross-loading orientations

• Clean, taperlock nose increases gate strength in side-loading scenarios

• Tapered shape that ensures ropes seat correctly and consistently on the sheave

For UK sales and more information please contact Brigantes via

High Angle Solutions is a weekly series of articles focusing on military mountaineering solutions. It’s brought to you by UK-based Brigantes Consulting, in conjunction with several other brands, both here in the US and abroad. This week, it’s Helix Tactical.

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