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New Bench Top Work Mat from PDW

Specialized Work Mat for Craftsmen, Makers, DIYers, and Tinkerers


The mat is made especially to keep your project organized and to prevent the loss of small items. Made from flexible food grade PVC, the mat features ten compartments that are perfect for working on knives, watches our any other DIY project you are tinkering with. (It definitely beats losing the spring bars of your watch into the carpet).


The PDW Benchtop Work Mat is a thicker styled, negative relief work surface and measures 11” x 17” x 3?8” thick.


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“This workshop product we created was designed to address a need we routinely encountered. In particular when assembling and disassembling folding knives we wanted to have an isolated work surface to keep and organize small parts like machine screws, washers, back spacers, pocket clips to the larger parts like the handles and blade. Those neoprene mouse pad type work mats just didn’t do a good job keeping small parts organized or in many instances from rolling on to the floor. Our work mat has proven useful for many of our workshop to home tinkering tasks; from changing out spring bars on a watch, servicing a flashlight, and if you’re feeling really adventurous repairing your smartphone. You’re going to want at least 2. One for the kitchen table and one for the workshop/garage.”

The PDW Benchtop Work Mat will be available for purchase for $29.00 each, at 12 Noon PDT, Wed., 18APR18 via their website


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