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Warrior 2 Warrior

Physical and emotional stress among veterans and active duty servicemen has reached epidemic levels.

We’ve all seen it, fellow Veterans who are suffering. Warrior 2 Warrior offers de-institutionalized and non-threatening approach to help reduce stigma.

They offer intensive physical rehabilitation and peer to peer mentorship along with personalized secondary services.

Their plan is to create what they refer to as “Resilience Ranch” which will resemble a forward operating base: simple dirt roads, trailers, fire pits, tents. This rustic austerity will evoke the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and prime warriors to engage with the past in a safe environment.

They’re currently partnered with:


EXOS for Physical Optimization (rehabilitation, athletic training…)

Gallus rehab


Lowry Creative

Mid-Atlantic Finance

Vintage for Vets (V4V) The fundraising arm of w2w

To learn more about their program and the founders, visit www.warrior2warrior.org


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