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MATBOCK Gen1 R-LIFT with Poles and Backpack on SALE


MATBOCK recently released the all new Gen2 R-LIFT based on the very popular and previous lightest weight rigid stretcher on the market. They have a few of the Gen1 R-LIFTs left in stock and have placed them on sale for $1300.00 (MSRP $2150). These won’t last long if you are looking for a rigid stretcher under 7 lbs that is easy to assemble and takes up minimal space. The poles for the Gen1 and Gen2 are the same so in the future if you look to upgrade to the Gen2 R-LIFT, you will already have the poles.


If you are looking to drop weight and volume even further as well as increase abrasion resistance, increase strength and increase decontamination capabilities, check out the all new Gen2 R-LIFT.

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