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Catch Santa in the Act this Year with TNVC’s Black Friday Sale! Deep Discounts on TNV/PVS-14s with Lifetime Limited Warranty, Thermal Fusion, and More!

DTG: 250330DEC19

Location: Your House

Footsteps on the roof.

Have you been naughty or nice? How sure are you, and why is this fat man and these feral [probably] reindeer creeping around your house at zero-dark-thirty?

Catch Santa in the act this year with some of TNVC’s greatest and most in-demand Night Vision, Thermal, and VAS accessories to get you in tip top shape to handle everything from rotund Scandinavian men to wild boars, with free FedEx Ground shipping on all purchases over $500!

This year for Black Friday, and starting on November 29th, TNVC is offering our Industry Standard TNV/PVS-14 system with L3 OMNI VIII Gen. 3 Autogated thin-filmed Green Phosphor image intensifier tubes, the same types of units used by our warfighters overseas that will meet or exceed OMNI VIII MIL-SPECs for performance. These are not blems, discounted overruns, export fallouts, or bump and scratch tubes and units that we’re trying to unload, but regular production, newly built TNV/PVS-14 units, each coming with the full accessory kit our new, fully transferable TNVC Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers TNV housings and systems for the lifetime of the unit, and image intensifier tubes for ten years after the purchase date.

These TNV/PVS-14 units are in-stock and ready to ship, and available in black housings only, and are on sale for $2,850 (an over 10% discount) from November 29th until supplies last!

TNV/PVS-14 L3 OMNI VIII – $2,850

Night Vision and Thermal are the pillars of the warfighter, law enforcement officer, and civilian enthusiat’s toolkit, but they both have their own advantages and limitations, which is why more an more organizations are beginning to use Night Vision/Thermal Fusion systems, whether you’re talking about the Army’s ENVG-B program or the new Marine Corps Squad Binocular NVG (SBNVG), which combine both thermal imaging and image intensification into one integrated unit that allows you to use both simultaneously–no opening or closing one eye to look through one side or the other, the Optics1 AN/PAS-29A Clip-On Thermal Imager (COTI) is in use by USSOCOM to give enhanced capabilities and NV/thermal fusion to existing systems by projecting a thermal image into the Night Vision Device, allowing the user to detect thermal signatures of hidden or camouflaged enemies or animals and through smoke, fog, or other obscuration, as well as in lighting conditions where traditional image intensification alone may struggle.

The COTI can be set to Outline, Patrol, or Full Thermal mode and be used with standard IR lasers, and has a built in compass for navigation and orientation, and can be quickly attached and detached from any PVS-14 style, PVS-15, or BNVD (PVS-31)-style system and is small and lightweight (5.8 oz. including internal battery) enough to wear full-time as part of any visual augmentation system suite, and great for working in attics, basements, or even chimneys…

Previously, the AN/PAS-29A COTI has been expensive and difficult to get due to restrictions on commercial and Law Enforcement sales and complex distribution channels, making Fusion Technology largely inaccessible to many consumers except for expensive old-generation devices with limited product and manufacturer support.

TNVC is happy to be able to announce that we are now a Direct Distributor for Safran/Optics1, and are able to offer the AN/PAS-29A COTI directly from the manufacturer with full product support–and while they are still not “cheap,” we’re happy to announce that we will be offering them for Black Friday at a new low price of $5,350 each from November 29th to December 13th, including the accessory kit with the appropriate bracket for mounting to your NVD*.

TNVC Optics1 AN/PAS-29A COTI – $5,350

*these units will have a lead time of approximately 60 days


In addition to these exciting devices, TNVC is also offering a Catch Santa Black Friday Doorbuster Sale on select accessories from November 29th to December 2nd using the code CATCHSANTA2019:


Deep Discounts on the Wilcox L4 G24 USSOCOM-standard dovetail NVG mount in Black (add and use coupon to cart to see price) (

As well as 11% OFF of:

Unity Tactical FAST Micro Mount in black ($138.84)

ALL TNVC Mohawks (All GEN 2 MK1, MK2, and MK3s) – $70.31

TNVC TNV/PVS-14 Powered Bridge Mount (PBM-A) – $702.21

TNVC TAPS Standard Dual Remote Switch–Now Available with Streamlight HL-X and Dual Crane-style leads, as well as the Surefire-style/Crane-style versions!

This sale won’t last long!

Friday, November 29th to Monday, December 2nd only on these items!

Don’t forget to use the coupon code: CATCHSANTA2019 for the discounts!


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