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SOFIC 2010 – It’s a Wrap

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The mood was lighthearted and foot traffic was brisk on third and last day of the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference Thursday.

More than 300 vendors worked under the banner “Accelerating the Force” and welcomed long lines of anxious patrons who sought refuge from the heat in the air-conditioned Tampa Convention Center.

Richard “Dick” A Cheniae of Bates boots from Virginia Beach, Virginia, said he was disappointed in the overall low turnout.

Bernadette Sumner of Wide Open Industries of Exton, Pennsylvania, said that although the number of patrons was limited, those who did show up were interested in their blast mitigating vehicle seats.

“We had lots of vendors,” Sumner said. “It was good for networking.”

Larry Connolly of Moorefield Training Center from Moorefield, West Virginia had his own challenges promoting a new business that offers firearms training, combat driving and special tactics.

“We’re a new company, so we hope to get our name out there,” Connolly said. “We’re making good contacts and meeting with some clients face-to-face as opposed to email or on the phone. We’re such a comprehensive company that we can support everything they need to do.”

Moorefield’s strengths include a positive location – only two hours drive away from Washington, D.C. – and the fact that they conduct all their training on a single piece of property.”

“The biggest challenge is trying to explain who we are and what do,” Connolly said. “The turnout was good, (especially) seeing all the different vendors.”

Connolly, like many others, used the opportunity to network with others in the industry to establish collaborative efforts between those who provide goods and services, until they can return next year.


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