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New North Korean Uniforms Concern South

Adopted in the mid-2000’s the North Korean Army’s Woodland camouflage is causing some concern for the South Korean military who have begun to notice its use on the DMZ.

As you can see in this photo taken 10 Oct 2010, the uniform strongly resembles the old US Woodland pattern and by extension the South Korean Woodland pattern which was adopted by their military in 1992. While the patterns are similar there are obvious differences in color and shapes.

Tensions being what they are, there is concern in the South that the uniforms are being used by NK Special Forces who are conducting infiltration operations of the South. This is prompting South Korea to step up their timetable to field new “digital” camouflage uniforms to their forces.

After a camo development program conducted in 2009-2010, the Republic of Korea is said to adopt this pattern in 2011. ROK Special Forces have been using a pixelated pattern for several years already and there is some conjecture that they will retain this pattern in spite of the upcoming change to the general purpose forces uniform.

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