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Recon Kit Bag


Modularity comes to Hill People Gear in the form of the new Recon Kit Bag. Hill People Gear has never been about tactical. Instead, they make kit for back country living. But, after numerous requests from those in the SAR community for some modularity, they relented and decided to add some PALS to their popular Runners Kit Bag chest mounted pouch. If you like the convenience of the Kit Bag, think of all of the options available with the addition of PALS.


They’re not available yet, but the first run will include FoliageRanger Green and MultiCam.


11 Responses to “Recon Kit Bag”

  1. Alan says:

    Very Interesting!

    Thinking about the possibility of throwing a 4-mag M4 shingle and using it as the platform for a nice mini-chest rig, depending on what they do to the inside (elastic,Velcro,ect) organization-wise. In conjunction with a “Bat-Belt”,it might work nicely!

    I am actually pretty eager to get my hands on one of these!! Cant wait.

  2. G says:

    Nice, I hesitated before because of color selection, but now I won’t. I like the serape too.
    Good stuff!

  3. Joe says:

    “Hill People Gear has never been about tactical.”

    Really? You’re making stuff in multicam and coyote brown, designed to hold a pistol and its not tactical?

    • Mateo says:

      Hunting is tactical as long as there’s another species involved, and I assume that most people who carry a concealed weapon are non-LEO, non-merc types who own a handguns for self-defense.

    • Evan Hill says:

      For the longest time, we didn’t offer anything in multicam. Just doesn’t go with our low profile civilian ethic. However, our customers have been asking for it for a long time, so we’ve started producing it. Other than that, lots of reasons a backcountry traveler would choose earth tones and choose to carry a pistol. Going armed isn’t just a LEO / MIL imperative, it is a responsibility that goes along with conscientious citizenship in a free republic.

  4. Mike says:

    Nice SSD patch!

  5. HPG makes great stuff! cool front pack, but this seems like a terrible angle to yank a magazine…

  6. Scot Hill says:

    Correction – the first run will be in Ranger Green and Multicam. Not foliage green.

    If we get enough requests we will add coyote and foliage down the road.

  7. Jaxon says:

    Definitely interesting concept but I don’t understand why someone would head into the woods with this instead of a backpack? Even a low profile backpack seems would be a better choice.

    Intrigued, just can’t justify the $105 yet until I can come up with a use for it.

    • Patrick says:

      I have one of the HPG kit backs, and my application ends up being “in addition to” a backpack, not instead of. In fact, HPG also makes a nice low profile backpack that’s a pretty good match for the kit bag.

      My backpack contains my day supplies- extra layers, food, stove, snow shovel, etc etc…..The kit back has all of my survival essentials- fire starting, map, compass, GPS, space blanked, water purification tabs/platypus bladder, etc. Not only are the contents of the kit bag easily accessible up front on the kit bag- like my map and compass- I also know that if I set my pack down, stash it for a bit or whatever, I will have enough stuff with my to be OK if I have to spend the night or what have you….