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Field Gourmet – Lock n Load Java

It’s Monday morning and there can be few things tougher than waking up for an early formation at the beginning of the week. Our recommendation? Lock n Load Java.

We tried out the Smooth Operator and it was very good and aptly named. This is probably because we were a little intimidated after seeing a friend of ours wired on on a generous helping of the Warrior Select.

The Smooth Operator is described as:
“We’ve got your back. Get ready to rock with this one on your team… steady smooth, skilled. A premium blend that produces a consistently outstanding cup of Joe. This light roast has hints of milk chocolate and our signature smooth taste… one of our most popular offerings.

(Light Roast, Smooth Flavor, Easy Drinking, Classic blend of best Central American beans)”

Lock n Load offers several flavors including the Smooth Operator and Warrior Select we already mentioned. There’s also Double Barrel Black, Charlie Don’t Surf, Double Tap Special Reserve, Sniper’s Choice Decaf and several flavored options.

Not really a coffee person? Or maybe you want to take care of the kids? Lock n Load Java has you covered there too with their new hot chocolate.

One of the great things about Lock n Load Java is that not only can you enjoy their great coffees, but you can send them to the troops as well. You can choose one of several packages as well as the unit that the coffee is sent to.


2 Responses to “Field Gourmet – Lock n Load Java”

  1. Bill Gassett says:

    I am a two-cup, rat-on-crack but still rock the dark stuff…Double Barrel Black!

  2. Annie M says:

    Just ordered some Smooth Operator!!