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The Morrison System

Morrison Athletic has announced the impending release of, ‘The Morrison System: The Art & Science of Training for War.’ This book is really just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps their description of the book will help you to understand the totality of what they are proposing.

This revolutionary new book blends cutting edge sports science, martial arts and military operations. This is the first book ever published containing a physical training program specifically designed for Special Operations, Military, Law Enforcement, Adventure Athletes and Obstacle Racers. It provides a simple template based model that anyone can follow. The book contains all of the pertinent sports science information required to educate the reader. You will not find this level of detail in any other fitness book, period!

Accompanying the book is the simultaneous release of The Morrison System Planning Workbook. This workbook takes you step by step through the planning process and provides blank templates for an entire year’s worth of training. This remarkable product also has an 8 week training plan example spelled out in easy terms for you to follow along with and reference.

Together these two books represent the most revolutionary paradigm shift in physical training in recent decades. No one has ever refined the complexities of periodization into such a quick and easy format. Nor has anyone ever broken the code of what the armed professional really needs in his training. These books will change the way you look at physical training forever.

The goal is to create The Morrison System as a complete system of training for the armed professional. Look for a dedicated website soon. Until then, keep up with the latest new on The Morrison System at


10 Responses to “The Morrison System”

  1. Fred says:

    What artist did that Viking drawing?

  2. Ground pounder says:

    I have the early releases of this and found it to be an easy to read easy to follow methodology to functional fitness. The workbook features pre-made workout log sheets for tracking everything from planned/executed workouts to nutritional intake, athletic mood, sleep etc; it definitely looks at fitness from holistic view. Definitely satisfied!

  3. Real SOF Soldier says:

    Nate Morrison is a poser and fat. Who would want to listen to fitness tips from a guy who works support for real operators? I guess we operators don’t have enough time since we do missions.

  4. NObody says:

    For Fred: It´s from PC game Mount and Blade: Warband

  5. Real Deal says:

    Real SOF Soldier is spot on, Nate Morrison is a poser that never made in any SOF community and has been ridding the coat tails of us real operators for years. Do your homework and look into his record, don’t listen to his version it is all BS. Anybody that has worked with him will tell you the truth, and the truth is he was a support guy and he was not very good at it either. When someone says “served with the Navy Seals or served with the Green Berets or served with the PJ’s ” it is because they never were any of those things. Enough is enough, you are a pouge and we all know it stop pretending to be what you never had the intestinal fortitude to be! leave that to us.

  6. NMorrison says:

    The viking picture came from a website that sells photos. Would love to chat with “Real SOF Soldier” and “Real Deal”. They seem to be missing a great deal of information. Gents, if you are “real” I expect to have a phone call or e-mail from you shortly. Should be an interesting discussion.

  7. Real Deal says:

    You had 10 months to talk to me but you stayed in your chu and played modern warfare while the rest of us did the deed. You have to look in the mirror in the morning. You wanna pretend to be the real deal then expect to be above scrutiny? You are trying to make money by pretending to be what others are? Well john Kerry tried that too, if you need some personal Swift Boat Vets…… well ,I’ll be your huckleberry.

  8. dsager says:

    I didn’t know what to expect out of the book. ordered it and wish I didn’t maybe I just don’t get it. But from what I got out of it seems like almost everyone who has been in a combat mos has pretty much done the stuff lined out in the book. I would hold on to my 50 bucks if I could do it over.

  9. Kup says:

    REAL DEAL, pouge? its POG (Personnel Other than Grunts). You’re obviously one of those dumbasses that never figured out that it is an acronym, not a word. Douche.