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Z-Mask Sleep Shield

We first discovered McNett’s Z-Mask Sleep Shield in 2008. It’s a simple design but McNett had the forethought to add some room for your eyes so the that the shield isn’t right up against them.


2 Responses to “Z-Mask Sleep Shield”

  1. swiss says:

    I saw acupat and assumed more (light ballistic protection maybe)… Without trying it out, I can’t say much. But I don’t think I’m going to be trading in my berry compliant multi use shemagh for one of these.

  2. Riceball says:

    Why would you need any sort of ballistic protection from these? They aren’t goggles or any other form of eye-pro, all they are are sleep masks to help block out light and help you sleep. What more can you expect from a sleep mask anyway? All they need to be is comfortable and block out light and that’s it.