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“Attack of the Zombie Hippies” Supports the Independence Fund

20121218-174636.jpg“Attack of the Zombie Hippies” is an ebook unlike anything you’ve seen before. Assembled at the creative direction of Dave Reeder and Erik Dewey it’s an anthology that mixes good old zombie fiction with practical firearms and tactics articles. By the name you’ve probably already figured out that the zombie stories all involve undead hippies as well. I have a feeling that was Reeder’s doing.

“Attack of the Zombie Hippies” is available on Amazon for Kindle (Nook and hard copies to come).

And yes, I know that some of you are going to poo poo the whole thing because you want something to complain about (in this case zombies) but, here’s the beauty part. Proceeds benefit Independence Fund. And, you get to read a forward by yours truly that will make you feel better about zombies.

If that wasn’t enough, some great companies have stepped up as sponsors of this project and have offered coupon codes that are scattered throughout the book. Tactical Tailor, G-Code Holsters, BattleComp, Grey Ghost Gear, I.C.E. Training, Predator BDU, Battle Arms Development, Dark Angel Medical, Combat Swag and Milifidel Apparel are all great folks. Thank you!

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