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Flashbang Magazine Makes Its Premier

If National Geographic did a tactical photo magazine it would be the new “Flashbang.”


“Flashbang” is a quarterly with the following salient features -

- 160 pages
- over 400 exclusives and never seen pictures
- no advertising !
- high quality printing and paper
- 4 issues per year
- 3 units from all over the world in each issue
- worldwide distribution
- very few (english) texts


3 Responses to “Flashbang Magazine Makes Its Premier”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Were they at SHOT? I missed them.

  2. BigDomPhoto says:

    Thank you for the kind words ;-)
    It’s always a pleasure to be featured on Soldier Systems !

  3. Pascal says:

    DOM is a great friend and an amazing photographer.
    Can’t wait for the next issue ;)
    Thanks for featuring his great job on your site.