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Now Shipping from Magpul – MOE K2 Grip and 1911 Grip Panels

MOE K2 Grip

MOE K2 gripThe MOE-K2 Grip is a drop in upgrade for AR15/M4 pistol grips with a more vertical grip angle optimized for short LOP weapons, such as PDW (Personal Defense Weapons) configurations. Unlike other grips with more vertical angles that tilt the grip at the expense of optimum trigger finger alignment, the K2 is shaped to keep the trigger finger properly aligned with the trigger. It features our new aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control and is compatible with Magpul Grip Cores for storage customization. Black and FDE are shipping now, with other colors to follow.

MOE 1911 Grip Panels

MOE 1911 GripsThe instructors for Magpul’s training division wanted a 1911 grip with advanced features, improved control characteristics, and Magpul value. These grips were designed with their input and testing. Constructed of reinforced polymer, the grips have a unique diamond-shaped cross section to prevent twisting in the hand, an aggressive magazine release cut-out, aggressive texture for positive control, and are compatible with ambidextrous safeties. The grips are designed to fit full size framed 1911s with standard grip screw bushings. Available in Black, with additional colors and options to follow.


4 Responses to “Now Shipping from Magpul – MOE K2 Grip and 1911 Grip Panels”

  1. Mike Nomad says:

    Sure would be nice if they offered a symmetrical set of 1911 grips for us left-handed shooters…Looking forward to trying out the K2 grip.

  2. Caleb says:

    Is there any science behind Magpul’s implication that other more vertical pistol grips like BCM and Umbrella have less-than-ideal trigger finger placement?

    • Mike Nomad says:

      I wondered about that statement. In my experience, the more vertical-oriented the grip, the better placed my trigger finger has been.

      All it seems to me is moving the heal of the grip on a radian. That’s why I’m interested in trying the grip: How _is_ it different than the others?