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Lucky Gunner Reviews Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo

Sig Sauer hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but they’re now manufacturing their own ammunition under the ‘Sig Sauer Elite Performance’ line. The ammo is loaded with Sig’s proprietary “V-Crown” bullet, and is manufactured in Eubank, Kentucky in a Sig-owned facility. Lucky Gunner managed to get a hold of a few boxes of the first batch of ammo in the following calibers: .380 ACP, 9mm Para, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP, and performed limited testing on all except the .357 Sig. Groups were fired for accuracy, measured velocity on a chronograph, and performance through ballistic gelatin.

You can read Lucky Gunner’s full review at the link below.


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7 Responses to “Lucky Gunner Reviews Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Don’t let the word get out. DHS and the IRS will buy it all up!

  2. AdamG says:

    With Sigs recent track record I’d be very apprehensive to seriously use this stuff, especially in a Sig.

    • Common Sense says:

      Can you elaborate?

      • SSD says:


      • AdamG says:

        Refer to Bills post below, but further their quality control seems near non-existent nowadays with constant materials and parts failures rendering several awarded contracts null with the entirety of the order either returned or removed from service(i.e. FAM and Dutch police). In general a lack of attention to detail and issues galore, mostly assumed to be associated with cost cutting measures and outsourcing of parts using inadequate MIM techniques.

        It’s sad given what Sig used to mean in terms of quality.

  3. Bill says:

    SIG seems to have lost corporate focus on what made them great: a limited variety of core handguns and rifles that were/are top-tier. But with gun of the week programs that bring us things like .380s with tribal tattoos, truck cargo box finishes, the concept of changing your duty frame to an off-duty frame at the end or your shift, and optics and accessories more suited to the rigors of Airsoft, they are making themselves irrelevant by suffering from product creep.

    Agencies aren’t likely to order this or allow it’s use when there is already duty from plenty of companies with proven track records. It’s more likely going to be a deal-sweetener when they actually try to use the 320 to pry back into the LE market that Glock and the M&P has chewed away from them. Throwing in a thousand rounds per unit for transitional training could be very persuasive.

  4. Will says:

    The handguns manufactured in their German factory are still much better than what you can get from other factory guns. I have an X5 tactical from Germany and it’s essentially a high end double stack 1911 that runs as reliably as a Glock.

    I’ve heard stories about their US Exeter factory having quality control issues, but I have a p226 and it runs flawlessly. It’s more accurate than my HK’s or Glocks and hasn’t failed me yet. I also have checkmate Sig factory magazines and they haven’t given me problems either.

    I agree Sig needs to stop doing so many things, but I appreciate the variety. If I want to put a bridge mount red dot on my pistol, or buy an extended magazine, Sig probably supports it. HK on the other hand forget about it.

    Seems a lot of people talk trash about Sig but don’t have any first hand experiences. Maybe you should put a sock in it?