Applied Orange – BeardAway


Applied Orange has developed the ‘BeardAway’ to help combat the issue of tactical beard visibility in full arctic white out. It comes in 3 lower jaw sizes and features a Velcro adjustment for beard length. A Velcro loop panel in the front allows for IR ID or morale patches. It was requested from clients that bought the Limited Edition PenCott Snowdrift suit last year.

Available Q3, 2014.



18 Responses to “Applied Orange – BeardAway”

  1. Red says:

    It’s a day early. 😉

  2. chris says:

    Also works when encountering lobster or buffalo wings

  3. Snake says:

    How many bearded tribes are there in arctic white out regions that one might have to gain the respect and cooperation of by growing and keeping a beard of their own?

  4. chris says:

    None that we know of…yeti

  5. Terry B says:

    Can you carry snacks in it? It certainly reminds me of a feedbag!

    Oh, and will it be available in other “tactical” colors?

  6. Will says:

    Hopefully they make a woodland one for the red headed vikings to use.

  7. Toby says:

    never bring a mustache to a beard fight

  8. Ipkiss says:

    Nobody will recognize Costa with this.

  9. Russel says:

    Can double as a “Peter Heater” :)

  10. Snake says:

    Early April Fools joke

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Very early: Posted at 00:01. The other obvious indicator is the big square of Moral Patch Real Estate, front and center.

  11. N703 says:

    I’ve just been dyeing my beard to match the environment.

    Order’s in!

  12. b_a says:

    What about a Quantum Stealth version so you can keep your beard when you are required to shave?

  13. Reverend says:

    Too late, my beard already is camo’d with “Salt, and pepper”. HAHAHA

  14. Desert Lizard says:

    This will go well with my set of bullshit protectors that I wear over my ears.