Developed by Meynard Ancheta of Kali Dynamics with input from Torin Hill of TORIS and made by knife maker Jeff Crowner, the TROIKA is a purpose-built fighting knife intended as an improvement of point-first knives such as the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife.

The blade is designed for rapid-penetration/rapid-release, made from CPM 3V steel with Crowner Heat Treatment. The grip, which consists of hand-filed G10 scales, is designed with a neutral shape for style-agnostic use: “point up/down, blade forward/reversed… TROIKA don’t care.”

The TROIKA comes with a TORIS draw-driven Kydex sheath and color matched aluminum trainer knife.

The TROIKA G10 scales come in Graphite, Olive Drab, Coyote, and Black. The trainer G10 scales come in Red, Politician Red, Blueblack, and Politician Blueblack. Mounting options include a belt clip, brass studs, mini Tek-Lok, or Bawidamann small PUP.

Made in America, assembled by Veterans.



13 Responses to “TORIS – TROIKA Knife”

  1. hobbit says:

    Good looking blade. But are they really forged? They look to be cut and ground from 3V stock. Either way, it’ll get the job done.

  2. That’s going to hurt!

  3. LowSpeed says:

    I’d rather not have to go to this, hopefully I can get back to my rifle, or get to my pistol or maybe a buddy comes in for an assist. BUT if I had to stick someone I’d prefer to do it with this!

  4. Torin Hill says:

    Hobbit, you are absolutely right–they are waterjetted from 3V stock, and NOT forged.

  5. Arcadies says:

    That is a beautiful blade. It’s simple but I think that it what makes it so elegant. Little hard to swallow the 500 dollar price tag though without evidence of hand forging.

    • Torin Hill says:

      Arcadies, as the person who decided on how little profit to write into the price, I’m not sure what price point you would find acceptable.
      Hand forge is used primarly with simple carbon steels and some stainless. Most people in industry use stock removal. Steel type and heat treat is considerably more important than hand forging.
      The knife is hand made by Jeff Crowner Blades, has a steel training knife, and a kydex sheath. This is not a high price–in fact, when you come to training, I will have LOST $68 selling it to you.

  6. Torin Hill says:

    One small change: we have decided to offer a STEEL trainer in this package.
    Higher fidelity to the live blade, and just all around better value.
    The voucher is to help promote training, and help folks get the most value out of their purchase.


  7. Jeff Crowner says:

    CPM 3V is a really badass steel used in industry for making hard core tooling or knives. It is a Crucible Powdered Steel. Very expensive to buy and work with for the knife maker. This steel is a stock removal type. This is one of my favorite steels to use for blades that you might count on for saving your bacon. Basically if tooling is being broken in industry, this is what is ultimately used to fix problems. It is a very tough edge holding impact steel. Hope this clears some things up. One can go to S&B specialty metals or just google up 3V to find a world of knowledge on this incredible steel..

  8. Jeff Crowner says:

    Crucible CPM 3V is my favorite blade steel. This high carbon alloy steel is extremely tough and has enough chromium to have some corrosion resistance. Grind the edge thinner than normal. The steel is tough enough to support a thin edge….Chuck Bybee Alpha Knife Supply

  9. OCCD says:

    Still can’t beat the Glock field knife.

    • BLACK says:

      Stab your Glock knife deep into a pork bone or a piece of oak and then rock it from side to side to remove it…whats that…oh snap, the tip is missing. You are now just as dangerous with a spoon.

  10. john Thomas Rourke says:


    I think youre comparing apples to oranges. Some people may get by with a 5 shot Smith and Wesson model 36. However, some individuals, higher on the food chain, need a little more..

  11. BLACK says:

    A few things….
    There are plenty of custom knives that are inferior to this one that go for twice as much with no sheath, no training knife and no preofessional training included. I LOVE my Mark Terrell USK(featured on this very site) but I paid almost 600.00 for it with no sheath, no trainer, no training and in D2 tool steel. I paid almost 100.00 for OTG to roll a kydex sheath for it and who knows how much it would cost to make a steel trainer for it. I was also charged half up front and waited almost 6 months for it. Although the knife is bomb-proof, I had to pay dearly for that luxury, something your “el cheapo” will not afford you…it will fail eventually and most likely at the wrong time. Those that carry and use knives on a consistent basis wil appreciate this kit but if you are still loyal to your hot orange Bear Grylls knife set or your Big5 “special” M-Tech knock off then enjoy your time with it, while it lasts.
    There is a saying “one knife, one life” and although I am a huge proponent of having and carrying multiple blades, this is one knife that will out last its owner and find itself in the hands off his offspring and their children. This is truly a purpose driven kit.