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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Shotgun SR 2 Shell Mag Pocket Attachment

The new Shotgun SR 2 Shell Mag Pocket Attachment from FirstSpear is an add-on to their M4 Magazine Pockets that, just as the name implies, allows you to attach 2 shotgun shells to the front of the pouch.

FS Shotgun SR 2 shell Mag Pocket Attachment

It’s simple to use. Think of it as S’more stuff. First, you put the chocolate on the graham. Oh, just watch the video and you’ll understand.

Available in Black and Coyote.


8 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Shotgun SR 2 Shell Mag Pocket Attachment”

  1. Angry Misha says:

    The R.A.C.K. rides again!!!

  2. FLC says:


  3. straps says:

    The First Spear warehouse has to be one of the biggest boxes of geardo awesome on the planet.

    Dat shotty…

  4. kevin says:

    Where’s Ronnie? I enjoy his product videos over these recent attempts at humor.

  5. Guy Mandude says:

    I have no use for this product but I might just have to buy it now that they used a Sandlot parody for this ad. Well played.