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OR Summer Market – Adidas Terrex XKING Prototype

This is a first look at a new shoe coming 2015 from Adidas Outdoor.


The XKING will feature a removable and swappable midsole/insole for different drops, fits and applications.


The XKING incorporates a full Continental rubber Outsole, speed lacing and EVA moldable tongue.




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3 Responses to “OR Summer Market – Adidas Terrex XKING Prototype”

  1. Chuch says:

    Well, that looks familiar. Geeeesh.

  2. Luke says:

    Awesome! Finally a competitor to the French Soloman speed cross shoes that are popular in USPSA and 3GUN

  3. Uber777 says:

    Seems kinda silly. When you can either go with the salomon speedcross with 11mm of drop or the fellraiser with 4mm.