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Ares Armor – ATF Deceives Federal Magistrate

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The latest news from the ongoing dispute between Ares Armor and the ATF shows that Ares Armor successfully obtained the Affidavit used to obtain a search warrant against them. The Affidavit shows that the ATF intentionally deceived a Magistrate Judge in order to justify their actions. Following this, Ares Armor now plans to file an additional suit against the ATF, to recover damages and force the ATF to destroy all stolen information obtained from the Ares Armor computer systems. You can read the full Affidavit by clicking the image above. Additionally, the following link features a letter written by Dimitri Karras, CEO of Ares Armor, which clearly outlines many of the errors made in the Affidavit.



19 Responses to “Ares Armor – ATF Deceives Federal Magistrate”

  1. Felix says:

    Im from Germany, so I have little to no clue about US laws.

    But Im with Ares Armor, cause even in our really strict gun laws in Germany the way ATF is acting would be considered an attack on Ares Armors personal and corporate freedom.

  2. Dellis says:

    Here’s the irony in this. I’m reckoning Ares Armor in some form or fashion supplied something to someone or some organization who participated in this raid. Upper receiver, bolt carrier, vests, holsters, plate carriers, etc.

    In a tongue and cheek manner I bet they got raided with some of their own equipment!!

  3. Bill says:

    I’ve bought stuff from them before, but they aren’t acting very smart. If they have a strong legal case and good counsel, they wouldn’t or shouldn’t, be making out-of-court statements like these. It invariably drives lawyers nuts, and only opens the door for further exploration, by opposing lawyers and investigators. And that area of law is so complex and technical you darn well better be right. It’s like playing baseball on a football field.

    • Matt says:

      Yes but you for get there’s the court of law and the court of public opinion which sways jury’s it’s sways elections etc etc I’m sure Ares lawyers get upset but Dimitri is also using his right to free speech he’s asking who is policing the atf it’s. It their ig they are an organization that has served it’s purposes most states control alcohol and tobacco and firearms why do we need a government agency that passes rules that routinely are in conflict with other laws of nation do I think atf agents are evil gun hating men who meet to discuss disarming Americans no I think the work for an agency that’s trying to enforce an outdated law like the nfa why can you just purchase the stamp when you buy the item it’s what I to when I buy my migratory waterfowl stamp I don’t have to wait a year or two I pay my tax and I go

    • Dimitri says:

      We are vocal because we are right. We have nothing to fear… We are winning!

  4. Chuck says:

    Better luck next time POG.

  5. Thetruthhurts says:

    They should request the hard drives be given to the IRS for destruction.

  6. Paralus says:

    There should be a crowdsourced legal fund for Ares.

  7. Mic says:

    I am glad Ares won the first battle, in this legal war. But I fear even with Ares being completely in the right, and perfectly legal. They will lose once they reach a higher court. There are too many “antis” in our judicial system. Especially because a loss like this would really hurt the already tarnished ATF’s image

  8. Mike Nomad says:

    Damn it, I am running low on popcorn…

    Having RTFA, I’m having a hard time figuring out the greater of SA Redacted’s deficiencies: His complete ignorance of what an “80% Lower” is, or his complete ignorance of the lack of complexity involved with the level of “data mining” his organization wishes to perform.

    Given his alleged background & history, at a minimum, his employment with the BATFE should be terminated, and the legal problem AA finds itself dropped into should be “dismissed with prejudice.”

  9. z0phi3l says:

    Master = Obama
    Bidding = disarmament of the American people and destroying the Second

    Did you REALLY need to have it spelled out for you?

  10. Bill says:

    So Obama wrote the tech regs and CFRs for the manufacture of firearms now? Wouldn’t he be better off regulating the tinfoil industry and requiring them to use a lighter, thinner grade?

  11. Tuna says:

    Ah yes, but what about the Lizard People?

  12. Bob says:

    There’s a lot if regs on the books but they only get enforced when there is a political will. Obviously you work very low in govt or very high and are trying to deceive.