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Limitless Gear – OPFOR Magazine Carrier


Limitless Gear has announced that the OPFOR 5.56 AR-15 Magazine Carrier is currently in production and is available to order. The OPFOR is a high strength polymer magazine carrier system which features two exclusive technologies:


Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE \R-C\), which is a new MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment system. RSEE enables users to quickly and effortlessly adjust or transfer their loadout to adjust to changing mission requirements.


Positive Magazine Retention (PMR), which is a magazine retention technology that automatically locks magazines in place. To remove a magazine all the user has to do is apply a natural twist and pull. PMR is designed to eliminate the need for flaps or bungee cords which can obstruct access to magazines.

OPFOR is made in the USA. Available in Coyote Brown.


One Response to “Limitless Gear – OPFOR Magazine Carrier”

  1. Thomper says:

    Genius, very interested. However I’d like to try them out and see how they hold up in sub zero temperatures getting snagged up on obstructions. I suspect they’d be fine. It would be great to see the line expanded in the future (ie: pistol mags, radios, other duty gear etc.)