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Old Republic Enterprises

Last week I was hunting and someone asked me about the Rhodesian camouflage sport coat I wore during SHOT Show.  This led me to telling him about Old Republic Enterprises and the reproduction Rhodesian Camo items they were producing.  

In addition to the Rhodie Camo, they also offer a variety of genuine international Cold War era surplus items.


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12 Responses to “Old Republic Enterprises”

  1. Colin says:

    Neat, thanks for the share

  2. rnw says:


  3. SC1911 says:

    Hunting…Really? Donde, because unless it’s small game, I don’t see no early, early, EARLY spring season in your neck of the woods.

    [sound of dime being dropped] RING RING! “Hello? DNR? there’s this dude hunting and dressed in this really weird looking camo…..yeah. By the way, when I passed him on the trail, he told me he wasn’t going to be taken alive.“

  4. Stash D says:

    One of a very few places left to get Rhodesian pattern camo. I have some from them and quality is great. It is repro so the cut, button patterns, and belt loops are a bit different.

  5. Iceman says:

    You can hunt pigs and coyotes year round in most places. And while the OP looked svelt he in no way had the best outfit.

  6. bulldog76 says:

    im gonna have to get one of them bush hats !!

  7. Mr. Roach says:

    I always liked Rhodesian; I first saw it outdoors and the person’s legs nearly disappeared. That sold me. Incidentally, All Over Brush won the Army camo trials before ACU and uses a very similar concept and color scheme. I have a set of BDU cut ones from Trident that I fear are going to give up the ghost before long!

    In any case, glad to know repros are still being made. It’s a great, effective pattern in woodland, transitional, and high desert environments.

  8. Jeff S says:

    Might have to grab a shirt or hat for when I take my Ridgeback for a walk…