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‘The Dogs Of War’

If you watched ‘The Wild Geese’ when I shared it the other day then you’ve got to watch ‘The Dogs Of War’.


17 Responses to “‘The Dogs Of War’”

  1. Jon, OPT says:

    Reading the book shows the very in depth process of international military grade arms procurement. Great movie, excellent book, and a scenario that has played itself out in reality quite a few times.

  2. The story goes that Frederick Forstyth was involved in financing a attempted coup with guys he knew from the Biafra war, which didn’t come off. So he wrote the book 101 on how to carry out a coup in the 60’s

  3. Lawrence says:

    “The Wild Geese”, “The Dogs of War”, “Where Eagles Dare”, “The Eagle Has Landed”, and “A Bridge Too Far” – best war movies of all time!

  4. lighfighter says:

    Upon my last viewing I remember being struck by how simple their loadouts were compared today’s standards where everything is tactical-ized to the nth degree.

  5. Whit says:

    Another favorite!

  6. Sean says:

    This movie led to my teams Callsign. HAVOC… We watched this and “The Man Who Would be King” almost on repeat – and yes, we also knew it was from Good ‘Ol Will first, but this movie was more up our alley.


  7. Barky says:

    There is so much more footage in this than in the DVD I have!

  8. Serpy says:

    ” YOU’RE LATE ” !!!!!!! Bang !

  9. Stephen Cumming says:

    This was filmed in Belize City, Belize CA. My Regiment was posted there in 1981 when it gained its independence. Took some R&R when I was there and visited Mexico city and New Orleans. Great times and a great movie.

  10. Brett says:

    Another excellent movie that nobody has mentioned is Dark of the Sun (aka The Mercenaries) from 1968 with Rod Taylor and Jim Brown.

  11. Bradkaf308 says:

    When I first went to Belize I though this looks like The Dogs of War lol. Who knew

  12. Andrew H says:

    Man, you finding these classic combat full movies on Youtube make my old, took forever to find, standard definition DVD’s of the same worth bupkis. :-(

  13. Frank says:

    This came out about three years after Deer Hunter, which also starred Chris Walken.

  14. fact275 says:

    To me, the best line was when Walken tells his guide “In my jungle, you’d just be another a**hole.”

    It was also the first movie that I can remember that featured an ex-SAS character (Derek)–Princes Gate was recent but in America, the unit was still rather unknown. A year later came Who Dares Wins (The Final Option in the USA) and they were firmly out of the shadows even in America.

  15. B m says:

    Anyone know what the song is that plays when they are taking the weapons out on the freighter?