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First Tactical Penlights

141001 Medium Penlight Bulb

First Tactical’s Penlights are compact and designed to easily clip to a pocket or cap, using the large, reversible pocket clip. An included bungee finger loop allows users to go from flashlight in hand to behind the hand for close-quarters needs.


The Penlight comes in two sizes: Small and Medium. Both sizes feature a high beam distance of 130m, a low beam distance of 31 m, a 14-inch hotspot, and a 70-inch flood area.

The Small Penlight – 55 Lumen High and 2.5 hour run time – is 3.9in/91mm in length and runs on one AAA battery.

The Medium Penlight – 101 Lumen High and 3.25 hour run time – is 5.3in/136mm in length and runs on one AAA battery.



4 Responses to “First Tactical Penlights”

  1. bramankp says:

    The Medium Penlight runs on two AAA batteries, not one. It’s a mistake in the copy at their website but the picture next to it is correct.

  2. Tazman66gt says:

    If you want a AAA light check out FourSevens. Not as tacticool but brighter.

  3. defensor fortismo says:

    .I got my hands on the medium sized duty light a few weeks ago and so far, I’m liking it. The light puts out just under 300 lumens, which is maybe a little dissapointing, but it’s also mitigated by the fact that I’m not burning money on cr123as. The clip well, and although it’s a bit on the long side, it fits well in the cargo pocket. As far as bonus features, the interchangeable bezels are easy to manipulate, and the bungee finger loop works really well when using the surefire grip. Operation wise, momentary mode is easily accessible, and you really have to work to access the low mode. The extra length also has the benefit of not washing out night sights if you have them. Overall, I wouldn’t put them on the same level as surefire, but if you’re on a budget, they have a lot to offer