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Securetech Systems Inc – WAVE Plus

WAVE Plus is a critical incident notification system. Already installed at over 2,000 facilities in the US and Canada, it instantly transmits detailed messages directly to law enforcement officers and other first responders over up to four networks already used by local law enforcement agencies and other first responders.

-Instantly transmits detailed alarm message by radio to law enforcement
-Sends e-mail and text messages to personnel without radios
-Broadcasts alarm or lockdown message over PA system and Digital Signage
-Triggers access control system to lockdown
-Brings up correct cameras on CCTV system
-Switches on strobe lights or sirens



5 Responses to “Securetech Systems Inc – WAVE Plus”

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty sure this is the same technology base from which the CRAM warning system (called WAVES) came from. Either way, a good COTS solution.

  2. Kev says:

    Great idea but the first time one of these is falsely tripped, heads better roll. This will trigger an all hands on deck response from agencies far and wide. If it goes the way of every other hold up/panic alarm that we respond to daily for unintentional trips then the purpose will be defeated.

    • Todd says:


      As you probably know, there are no accidental discharges. if the trigger is pulled, it fires. With the buttons, they are constructed in a way that while not impossible, it’s very hard to have a button activated unless intentionally pushed.

  3. RA says:

    Any idea on cost?

    • Todd says:

      You can email me for the cost. it’s very inexpensive for the service and immediate response it delivers. toddk@securetechwave.com

      we currently do business all over the united states, from Courthouses to Federal buildings to Prisons and Schools.