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Magnetospeed M-Series Grip

Magnetospeed debuted their M-Series pistol grip at SHOT Show.

It’s a very interesting take on an ergonomic, stowable pistol grip for the AR family of weapons. Their internal, module ejection system allows users to store a number of different and useful modules within the grip itself so that they are always ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Constructed from high performance, glass-reinforced Nylon, the rigid grip has unique texturing to enhance control and comfort. An overall matte texture is accompanied by coarser friction pads along the sides as well as a polished region under the backstrap to reduce wear on thumb webbing.


Dry Box

Mini Mag


Mini Light






12 Responses to “Magnetospeed M-Series Grip”

  1. jellydonut says:

    It’s probably because I’ve played too many videogames but the 3-round micromag really appeals to me for some reason.

  2. NCO says:

    That monopod might make sense.

  3. Gerard says:

    Im old fashioned, all I want from my grip is to be a grip. I dont want the exta weight

  4. RockyMountain9 says:

    Don’t give California any ideas with that three round magazine…

  5. PTMcCain says:

    “Magnetospeed” … just sounds kind of retro-comic book. I’m intrigued.

  6. Joe says:

    They should have made one that takes Glock mags for PCC’s.

    G26 or even G19 mags could work.

  7. CWG says:


  8. DJ says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t a vape module…

    • Weaver says:

      Should also include a module with cheat sheets for Crossfit, and mini packages of Shakeology.