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Black Lion Gear – Glass Coated Shell Carrier

This “glass coated shell carrier” by Black Lion Gear accepts 8 Bottles up to a 0,5 litre caliber.

And, so no one will run off with your Soldiers, they’ve added a 8cm x 8 cm Velcro field for identification.
Available in MultiCam (1000D Cordura), 5 color Flecktarn or 3 color Flecktarn (560D Cordura).
Manufactured in Germany.

Get yours at www.tripleaction.de

h/t to my friend JP Weisswange.


3 Responses to “Black Lion Gear – Glass Coated Shell Carrier”

  1. Jeff S says:

    Of course it’s German… LMAO There’s nothing like carrying around a gallon of beer in a fancy Flecktarn Flaschentraeger.

    American baby bottles won’t work too well in this thing.

    • Nathan Cain says:

      Oddly I was complaining that they don’t offer a multiple gallon/half gallon growler option. Would love to tote some steel growlers of Veterans United in a flecktarn Cordura bag.

  2. jb says:

    I like their style