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Perseverance Survival – Poncho Liner Hoodie

The ‘liner, wet weather, poncho’, affectionately known to many as the Woobie, is one of the greatest and most beloved military-issued goods of all time. Perseverance Survival has taken the classic Woobie, and fashioned it into a hoodie. As the hoodies are made of re-purposed pancho liners, its material construction consists of a 100% nylon exterior with a 100% polyester filling. The hoodie also features a draw cord, and a standard kangaroo pocket.

The Poncho Liner Hoodie is currently available in three colorways: Coyote Tan, MARPAT, and Woodland.


26 Responses to “Perseverance Survival – Poncho Liner Hoodie”

  1. AB says:

    Just ordered 2…awesome!

  2. paul says:

    woodland medium sold out!

  3. Hubb says:

    Thanks for the heads up SSD….now where is my wallet?

  4. Woobie says:

    I could be buried in this.

  5. Stafan S. says:

    Woobie! What happened to you?

  6. Al marvelli says:

    I never got to Germany but supposedly if you took your woobie and your green rain jacket to the dry cleaner at Grafenwohr they would do something like this only built so it could Velcro in and out of the shell.

    • SSD says:

      That’s called a Graf Parka.

      • Kindlestück says:

        . . .and AFAIK they made them all over Germany ( wherever a kasern had a tailor )

        • Don says:

          TRUE!! I was in Werthim 1976-79 and later Wiesbaden 1983-86 and we had versions of them in BOTH places. Had them made and wore them all the time when the weather was crappy—which was OFTEN in Germany. AND they “looked” issue so no one ever pestered us about wearing non-issue equipment!

      • Terry Baldwin says:


        In the 70s it was called a “Hawk Jacket” and was common in Germany. We were not issued poncho liners because that was only “tropical issue” and – because they were not authorized – they were not available at Clothing Sales either.

        We did not have a decent rainjacket at all. The one issued came with bib overall type trousers. The jacket was waist length and had a goofy brim on the hood. Most people only used it when they were washing vehicles at the wash racks.

        So one would take an OD poncho and a USGI wool blanket scrounged from the company supply sergeant to the local German Tailor Shop. They would cut the poncho into a more parka length jacket which eventually was – I believe – the template for the better rainjacket issued in the 80s.

        The wool blanket was sewn into the jacket as a liner and could not be removed. Of course there was no seam sealing done so it was not perfectly waterproof. But it was way better than issue items. I lost mine with a bunch of other gear when I PCSed back to the states in 78. I wished I still had it many a night at Ft Lewis.


        • DJ says:

          You wouldn’t happen to have any pics of those would you? I left both of mine in Germany and don’t have any pics so I can copy one. Would really like to duplicate what we made and used OFTEN in Germany!

          • Terry Baldwin says:


            Sorry, I did a quick check and didn’t find any pictures. The more recent issue wet weather jacket OD or woodland is pretty close to the same cut as the one I had made. The last one I got issued at Bragg CIF in 2000 (turned back in unused in 2011) was woodland. But I assume they still issue them in a current pattern?

            Just make sure it is a roomy enough size. As you and I and others have said, these were popular in Germany but I don’t recall anyone getting them made stateside. The quick solution was just to wear a field jacket or even parka liner under the issue jacket without any modifications.

            That is what I ended up doing. The only shortcoming was that you didn’t get the advantage of insulation in the hood in that case.


    • Abraham Lincoln says:

      I had something similar made on BOTH of my tours in Germany..they were made from other issue stuff and we had a BIG pocket added to the inside—GREAT for recons and other planning missions. Wore it/them a LOT since they worked really well in cool/cold and wet conditions and have been wanting to duplicate the ones I had…MAYBE this is it, huh?

  7. myles says:

    dangit, they only have L and XL left.

  8. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Once again, this site leads to an impulse buy. Woodland woobie? Yes please.

  9. Gerard says:

    This is a must purchase

  10. Lerch says:

    Little Baby Jesus up in Heaven, Thank you for once again separating my money from my wallet!

  11. Sean says:

    totally snagging one in marpat, thanks SSD!

  12. Sold out in XL in Woodland, dammit!

  13. cimg says:

    Nice! I don’t know how many times I’ve used my M65 jacket liner as stand alone snivel gear under BDU/ACUs.

  14. GW says:

    Bummer, no big guy sizes left

  15. Nate says:

    Not to be pedantic, but the “woodland” poncho liner is actually brown-dominant ERDL, the last ERDL camo item in inventory, unless I miss my guess. It is just close enough to “woodland” that they called it that.

    Okay, that WAS pedantic.

  16. Don says:

    Anyone already have any of these and could maybe describe the interior pockets….as in how big and where placed…if any?? Thanks!