TMACS Signature Steel Target

Introducing the @tmacsinc Signature Steel Target. Click the link in the bio to buy yours. The dimensions were engineered by Pat McNamara to ensure you receive the maximum training value.

The top measures 6 5/8″ wide and the bottom at 11 1/2″, with a length of 18″. System includes the TMACS Inc Strike Face, Base, Post Top and Strike Face Bracket with Bolts. Ships unpainted. Patent Pending.

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4 Responses to “TMACS Signature Steel Target”

  1. lcpl1066 says:

    No question defense targets makes great stuff. Does anyone know a why of the shape besides “to focus on the shots that count”?

  2. Callmespot says:

    This is one of this why didn’t someone think about that shape before things but as a consumer of metal targets it would be nice to know thickness 1/2 or 3/8 and how it’s cut(plasma, laser, etc) as that helps knowing how the edges will perform and also justify the price point.