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PROJECT7 Integrated Load Bearing System – Assault Pack

Manufactured from Cordura and Blue Force Gear Ultracomp, the ILB-AP is designed specifically to integrate with the PROJECT7 armor.

7 Responses to “PROJECT7 Integrated Load Bearing System – Assault Pack”

  1. Kyle Kata says:

    Why is their demo of a load carrying rig showing that it primarily lets you transport two pistol mags, a tq, and a rifle mag?

  2. redbeard says:

    Integrated here means same color scheme and odd PALS layout.

  3. Adun says:

    Is this only available to LEO/MIL like the rest of their gear?

  4. iggy says:

    so to get stuff from the pack you have to take all your body armor off or get someone else involved?

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