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E3D Pattern

Era3 has unveiled their new E3D Pattern and they plan to put it everywhere, like on these Cookie Skydiving Helmets (applied by Wrap It Up Graphics).

11 Responses to “E3D Pattern”

  1. Baldwin says:

    Soldier Systems…AKA Gucci-Tactical…Go stupid expensive or go home. Just saying.

    • Archangel says:

      Innovation and entrepreneurship is plain awesome. Era3 seemingly created a brand overnight and have achieved success in apparel, firearms, vehicle designs.

      Personally, I have first learned about more innovative products over the past decade from SSD, than anywhere else. We professionally use products today which we first became aware of here. HSGI Tacos, UFPRO uniforms, Down Range Gear custom solutions, Haley Strategic TH1RTE3N sights, Velocity Rugbys, TYR Tactical products, etc., etc.

      SSD itself is an amazing success story of entrepreneurship; hard work, dedication, and pursuing new ideas is how any business is established and grows. Thanks Eric for keeping us informed and for inspiring at least some of your readers to put in the effort to achieve success and create new products and services ourselves.

      • Kit Badger says:

        …But there is only so much “Success” and if someone else is winning and can afford nice things, it is because they are taking that finite resource… …from everyone else.

        • SamHill says:

          Kit Badger, I hope you are joking.

          If you made that statement in seriousness, I urge you to read a very simple book by Peter Schiff called “how an economy grows and why it crashes”.

          How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes is an illustrated polemic on various economic topics by Peter Schiff and Andrew Schiff. The book allegorically explores such topics as inflation, deficit spending, central banking, international trade, and the housing bubble and credit collapse of 2008. Wikipedia…

          So it starts out 3 dudes stuck on a desert island and can each catch and consume 1 fish per day as their productivity and consumption rate. One dude goes hungry for one day and creates a net, which enables him to catch 2 fish per day and he begins accumulating. It clearly shows his accumulation was not due to taking anything “from everyone else” as so many are incorrectly taught and continue to share in public. His increasing wealth is not the result of any oppression.

          Eventually the book goes into the other guys asking for loans, making surf boards, trading with other islands, banks, inflation and so on. In short, it is the economics book we should have all read in 9th grade but didn’t. Do check it out, sir. I love the work you put out, simple, no B.S. information and would hate for you to continue on, having been misled about simple economics.

          This book puts all of the complex economic issues, such as inflation, into the simplest example that we can all understand. He suggests that big government can not really function that much differently than small, in home, personal economics as evidenced by our national debt, we can not spend, print or credit our way to prosperity just like you couldn’t at home. Anyway, I hope you give it a chance, and perhaps you could do a brief book review on one of your videos and expose your viewers to something that millions of Americans really need, a sound basic economic understanding. LMK if you are interested, dude. I’ll patreon you the price of the book if you are wiling to give it a shot. Good day!

          • Terry Baldwin says:


            Looks like good information. Thanks for putting that out. I’m pretty sure Kit Badger was being sarcastic as a counterpoint to the comment by the other Baldwin. If I am mistaken I am sure he will come around and correct me.


            • Kit Badger says:

              I was just laying on the sarcasm and putting voice to the ridiculous thoughts people get in their head.

              Sounds like a pretty rad book and something I would enjoy. I’m a big fan of economics, to include Hayek and others. I don’t know if I’ll get around to a book report on Kit Badger, but who knows, haha. :)

      • Lasse says:

        I was actually confused about why this was posted on SSD instead of Tactical Fanboy because I couldn’t see a connection. I actually had to google them to find out that they also make firearms, because their main website doesn’t have anything on their firearms or cases.

  2. TKS says:

    Dazzle camo from World War 1?

    • tm says:

      For the win! How it took a century for DazzleCam to evolve… (it would really be interesting to see how this could translate to a color camouflage i.e. woodland/desert)

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    Austin Powers approved.

  4. Stickman says:

    A variant of disruptive camo. While it appears lacking in the black/ grey/ white flat panel, it starts to look a lot more interesting on the helmets in the arid coloring.